What exactly was the “reality”?

Lovers Lost Prize

Was there love from the start
that dove straight into their hearts?lost-love-425878
Did destiny guide them
only to divide them?
Or did they both see an opportunity
to cultivate a love
away from the world to see?

Or was it that a beautiful lady
lived next door
who had to come and work
in his laundry store?

Did the beauty seem
lost in her fears
anxious to find
a man with open ears?

Did he want to break down
through her walls of hurt
and let her know
she wasn’t cursed?

He’d seen her emotions
played out on TV
and watched her deal
with life’s realities…

How hard could it be
for him to win her?

Get what a beautiful woman
wants as a girl.

She received attention,
love and honesty;
someone with a smile
saying tenderly…
sweet whispers to the heart
that gently tore those walls apart.

Yet there she goes,
back to building again
looking for a love
that’s not just a prize to win…

LaVancia Phoenix
March 1996

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