So the journey begins…

Today, I will be brave. I will not hide underneath an awesome website design. I will speak the truth. I may lose a few of you; however, this is my truth and my purpose for writing. As I wipe the make-up off my face to reveal the horrible crime from my past, I pray that no one will abandon me as I attempt to fly. Here is what I’m hoping to put on the back cover of my book:


June 1—the day that changed my life forever….

Barefoot with metal handcuffs on my hands and feet, I was escorted by police to the local county jail. I was told that my adorable five-year-old son was dead. A few days later, completely dazed and confused, I was formally charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of my son.

Disoriented, frightened, and all alone, I could not believe what was happening. It felt like a bad nightmare; yet, it would be months before I was finally able to “wake-up” to face the truth —I have schizophrenia and during my very first psychotic episode, I had become so delusional and disconnected from reality that the only son I had, was now gone, forever.…

In an attempt to better understand my life, I have composed an autobiography of my disintegration into the “trips of insanity” and my long journey back “home.” I pray that the information contained within this analysis will not only give the reader a better understanding of the symptoms of schizophrenia from the scientific community’s point of view, but will also give the reader a unique perspective as to how tragedies such as mine can occur.

Ultimately, my reason for writing is to help awaken people’s hearts and minds to the simple truth of what happened, shatter the stigma of being labeled “criminally insane,” and offer hope to those still suffering from this disabling mental illness.

This here is my story.


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