Embracing the darkness
I close my eyes
I fight against the rage
Cascading inside
I hate this world
I hate this life
I seek for sanity
Yet find no light
Can you imagine
The intensity inside
As anger is held back
And worlds collide

Good – Evil
Love – hate
It’s all a game
A cycle – A waste
I want to run
I want to hide
Escape from the knowledge
Of this lie —
The gods are a joke
The humans their toy
Yet invert the two
And you get the same ploy

Why do I have to see?
Why do I have to know?
My white can be your black
My black an angel’s shadow
It’s a war out there
I want to fight
Yet what’s the point
Between wrong and right?

How does one… step aside
And raise the white flag
With no anger inside?
I want to scream…
I want to yell
Stop making
This earth a hell
Stop the nonsense
Stop the fight

Search within –
Find the light
The hope… the security
The dove shining white
Yet with definitions
Of wrong and right
The warrior never sits —
He fights the “good” fight

So shutting my eyes
I fight not to see
The world as it is
Full of insanity
I wish to be cradled
Back into the womb
Where the silent darkness
Created a peaceful tomb

Back before I ever
Opened my eyes
Blinking in the light
Letting out the cry —
“Please no! Not this place!”
But the tears just fell
On my newborn face…
LaVancia Phoenix
4 – 11 – 2004


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