“Dirty Hands”

So what’s it like to hold death in your hands?

This is for all the captive soldiers;
for I am one who understands.
I know the torment and the misery
of innocent blood coating your hands.

You had no choice
but to obey your orders,
or risk homicide
by your own fellow brothers.

It’s a crazy path of destruction—
a horrible hell
that few are caught in.…

But the time has come for us
to crucify the guilt
upon that cross
and to step into a brand new being,
one filled with compassion
for those still lost.

For who among us
can help free the pains
of those still trapped
within their chains….

If not us soldiers
who’ve blazed through hellish lands
and have wiped away the blood
from our own dirty hands.
LaVancia Phoenix


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