“The Cocoon”

I wrote this poem during my fourth year at the institution:


A well of memories
A mountain of dreams
I search to find
A place in between

Time’s harsh wisdom
The whispering ghosts
I stretch beyond these walls
Enchanting hopes

A fountain I crave
To cleanse my soul
Begging for mercy
With freedom my goal

Crying for some peace
With painful heart strings
I silently await
And pray for my wings


LaVancia Phoenix
December 19, 2002


5 Responses to “The Cocoon”

  1. I really love this poem. The last line is perfect. “Praying for my wings” would be a great song title.

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    • Thanks so much…it’s exactly how I felt being locked away in that mental institution for so long. I can remember one of the psychiatrist told me that I “had to be perfect” before I could ever get out…because any act of aggression on my part, such as cursing, was a point against me and the fact that I had committed a violent crime. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Look forward to reading some more of your posts. Thanks again, LaVancia

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  3. This is beautiful! I’m so glad I found it. I found it through gentlekindness.

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    • Thanks for following the link to my website! Gentlekindness has been a blogging friend of mine for a while; yet this is the first time she’s posted something from my site onto hers, and I gratefully appreciate that fact. Hope you find more that you like! LaVancia


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