“Stop the Madness”

To all you manipulators
and game players
that love strife and anger —
What makes you think
You’re so smart?
To those who thrive on greed
fueled by jealousy
and a special stupidity —
Don’t you know you
have lost your heart?
You’ve been fed a misconception
and have a wrong perception
about possession.
For you truly own nothing
except your own being
that’s going to wind up dying
and leaving no one crying
So, why not live honestly
and try to help humanity?
Those who are in need
of some real sincerity…
Why do you want to act
like someone from your past
who was untrue
and hurt you too?
Learn to break that cycle
and get your mind off “recycle”!
Live life fully
and quit acting crazy…
Or else you’re never going to see
what it means to be
LaVancia Phoenix


2 Responses to “Stop the Madness”

    • Glad you loved it! This was written my second year in the institution. I still had over ten more years to go before they labeled me as “not dangerous to self or society” so I could get out and move on with my life…not complaining, just seeing the irony.

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