After five years of being in the institution, I was inspired to write this poem:


I sometimes wonder what they think
As they gaze within chain links.

What is it that they see…

Animals too dangerous for society?
Creatures cursed with an abnormality?
Demonic humans hiding under “insanity” ?

I sometimes wonder what they know
As they gaze into locked windows.

What is it that they see…

Animals to be fed and given sympathy?
Creatures held captive by an evil entity?
People sick with a mental infirmity?

I sometimes wonder what they feel
As they gaze into the eyes of us taking pills.

What is it that they see…

Animals deemed ill and in need of pity?
Creatures condemned, not even worthy?
Uncaring humans who’ve lost their morality?

I sometimes wonder if they’ll ever understand
What it’s like to be trapped in no-man’s-land.

Can they fathom the depth of this isolation?
Do they realize I’m just a person who has to take medication?
Are they familiar with the pain of an ignorant perception?

Tell me, what is it that you see…
LaVancia Phoenix
4 – 19 – 2003


One Response to “Perceptions”

  1. Sal says:

    I see a fellow human, in settings, that can make both the patient and the caregiver (or captor/jailer/abuser or how you prefer to put/see it) feel inhumane. I’s so sorry for the hardships in your life. Thank you for sharing this though. I thinks it’s important to express and talk freely of what have happened. That way, in a small part at least, one can let it go (I know there is no such thing as just forgiving and forgetting, that is not really what I mean) so one can take on the act of living fully, with all the energy that task demands.

    I really don’t hope I’m a part of that evil entity you speak of… 😉 But I guess, like in all things here is life. One man’s treasure is another man’s waste… What is good in what I do one time can be bad another time… Unfortunately. I try to adapt, so I do as little harm as possible, but sometimes it feels like just about anything is a turn for the worse (until I get around the proverbial corner around the edge of the trouble, and gets some perspective, literally speaking…


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