This is a poem I wrote during my first year in the institution as an NGRI. See August 20, 2014 blog, “Insanity in a Nutshell.” Ripped with emotion, this is an accurate reflection of those early dark days in the state’s mental institution. Let me know what you think.


Walking through the night –
It’s a desperate fight.
Searching for what’s right
And looking for the light.

Crying in the street;
A sorrowful defeat.
Hurrying to beat
The onslaught of deceit.

Longing for a place
Where one can end the haste.
Dying for a face
That won’t frown in distaste.

Begging through the day
To find a place to stay.
Washing tears away –
I kneel each night to pray.

Hoping I might find
A loving smile this time;
Seeing through my crime
Past the dirt and the grime.

Wishing on a star
That I was up to par.
Striving to go far
Despite my heart’s big scar.

Looking for the beast
That robbed me of my peace.
Teasing my release –
Tempting me with a feast.

Knowing my sad song,
Praying it won’t be long;
Fighting all the wrong
Because soon I’ll be gone.

LaVancia Phoenix


5 Responses to “Hunger”

  1. Noirfifre says:

    Just so powerfully sad.


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