The wild beast within.2015

This man’s necklace is made with sodalite (blue chips), picture jasper (brown round gemstones), and blackstone jasper in a diamond shape sprinkled within some soft light blue glass seed beads. I’m not sure if the pendant is real ivory or not for I haven’t a clue as to where I picked it up…lol.


The guardian angel living near the sea.2015

This silver pewter charm has an angel holding a young girl’s hand as they cross a bridge. I bought several of these charms and they go pretty regularly. This was a special request from a lady at the mental health center who wanted one with “all white sea shells.”


The Royal Elephant.2015

This was another request from a man for his mother’s up-coming birthday next month. He had seen the charm on another necklace I had just sold and was lucky for I had one more elephant left. His color request was “the green that glows in the dark” and gold…while these beads may not glow in the dark, they definitely fit the description. The gold beads are just some cheap glass pearls painted gold and the elephant and black beads are a man-made imitation of hematite, called hemalyke or something like that…lol.


The adolescent bursting at the seams.2015

I’ll give you one guess for this: yup. My seventeen year old daughter gave me the inspiration for this one. She doesn’t know it yet, but this is going to be a gift for her in her favorite colors: purple and black. If it’s too edgy for her, she can do with it whatever she wants.