I have written over a hundred poems during these forty+ years of my life. I have divided them into two categories: past life and institution. Poetry from my “past life” or “previous life” are poems written prior to my being whisked away in a police car never to see the light of day for several months… Poetry from the institution I began writing during my first year there at the encouragement of my first psychologist.

I don’t recall her name or her face; however, I am very grateful for this gentle push back into what later started off as being what I refer to as the “development of my right hemisphere” in my brain: creativity. I went from poetry to painting, then crochet and jewelry making… things I never would have dreamed of doing in my “previous life” since my college studies were focused on business and accounting.

One of my early “theories” about my psychotic break was that when my mind “split”- it was basically my right side screaming: “Hey! Don’t leave me out of your life!” So much emphasis had been placed on developing the rational, logical side of my self that I felt it was my intuition “awakening”…anyways, just a thought. Enjoy the poetry!


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